Visualize Your Invoice in Video

7:13 PM

The corporate world has been investing into design thinking lately, revolutionizing documents with a certain stigma of boredom.

Don't misunderstand.

I enjoy reading annual reports and financials but realize that not everyone can maintain an interest on these pieces of literature.

Blame the layout and design.

When Airbnb developed a digital and fluid annual report (see here) people noticed and appreciated the skills of incorporating beautiful visual data. Other examples worth exploring: Warby Parker Annual Report (see here) and MailChimp (see here).

So when I heard AT&T designed a video format for customer's invoices, I decided to explore.

  • Video: 
    • People feel comfortable with the medium
    • Information is easy to absorb
    • Check out these statistics 
    • Provides animation, narration & personalization
  • Customization: 
    • AT&T greets customer's by name
    • Allows transparency behind the numbers
    • Data shared in real time via SundaySky technology
  • Optimization:
    • Designing to streamline processes 
    • Enhance new customer brand experience
    • Reduce customer service delays & costs
AT&T taking risks and experimenting with video to disrupt the presentation of invoices can represent an advantage from competitors. It's a new way to impact the customer journey. I can imagine many audiences benefiting from this format. Wouldn't grandparents enjoy this more than paper or email invoices?

How would you prefer to receive and review your monthly bills?

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