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Spring did not arrive in NYC during the month of March.
Coats, gloves, hats, and layers were in bloom, brought about by snow.
Despite the unlikely weather, the city created a cozy and special environment for DigitalNY.

DigitalNY (or Digital Strategy Innovation Summit) was my escape from the cold and wind for two days. What happened there? Pure discussions focused on DIGITAL STRATEGY INNOVATION.
Although many of the advertised speakers did not join the event, we had some excellent speakers who shared with us their experiences, challenges, and successes within the digital landscape.

Conversation Highlights:
  • Experiment with ideas: Failure is part of the discovery process
  • Digital facilitates creativity: Medium of technology empowers 
  • Make innovation tangible: Innovation matters when it makes an impact
  • Measure & Measure: Digital initiatives MUST be measurable
  • Future: 3D printing is creating disruption across all industries

We heard from industries such as the Automotive, Publishing, Comic, and Beauty.
The main message conveyed: digital is part of the marketer's tool box and requires planning, execution, and tracking.

Today, digital is traditional marketing!

Awesome, intelligent women I met at digitalNY.

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