├╝ber me.
Dedicated to design, fashion, culture, art, and innovation, ebensoo documents these topics from Vivian's perpective.

Art is a form of expression which can be communicated through various mediums and disciplines.

Style extracts elements from environment, modern & classic art, movies, music, and writing; 
it can be inspired by everything around us. 

Fashion allows for experimentation on a daily basis by all, a fascinating medium for exploration and discovery.

                            About Vivian:

                            * Refined palate, enjoy discovering cultures through cuisine
                                            * Habitual worldwide traveller, despite a strong dislike for ✈ planes
                                                           * Professional innovator and creative
                                                                          * Looking for the unconventional 
                                                                                       * Impulsed by ---> If not now, then when?
                                                                                                      * Joy of forming meaningful connections

                            Find me on: 
                            * Twitter 
                            * Bloglovin
                            Photo Credits:

                            Credits are listed under photos, or you can put the cursor over the images to see them.
                            If something has not been credited properly, please let me know so that I may fix it.


                            You may not republish writing and photos from ebensoo without my permission.
                            If you republish photos or writing from ebensoo on your site with my permission,
                            you must provide a link back to www.ebensoo.com



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