Technological Singularity

10:08 PM

Undoubtedly, the design of the human body sparks awe and wonder.

But what if we add technology to the structure? 
Iron Man, you said? Maybe...

There is evidence that we are shifting toward technological singularity. We may only be taking baby steps, but our society is increasingly becoming intertwined with computer systems, machines, and other hardware/softwares. By utilizing these as extensions to the human body, we increase not only our physical capabilities but also our levels of intelligence. 

Exhibit 1
Consider the daily usage of mobiles, are they an extension of our human capabilities? Intelligence?
For example, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus mobile has facial recognition capabilities; these 
human-like interactions make this thought provoking, no? What's next?

Exhibit 2
I discovered this article today--> Disruptions: Medicines That Monitor you
A pill constructed of tiny sensors and transmitters that acts as a microscopic robot monitoring your systems. The pill can also track medication-taking behaviors. How will the application of technology further impact the design of medical instruments/medications/etc?

Exhibit 3
Have you heard of the Human Biotic Project? It explores the evolution of human bionics.
Invite you to check out the site as it's interactive. 
"The Human Bionic Project begs for the fundamental redefinition of disability, illness, and disease as we have known it throughout history. It dares us to imagine the seamless interaction between the human being and machines."

Exhibit 4
Google Glass is a hot topic, recent thoughts have been shared about the technology, see here
But what's worth examining is how Glass has the possibility to augment reality into the public consciousness. It gives the user (human being for now) heightened awareness of real life experiences. How will this impact day to day life? 

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