Going Beyond the Bottom Line

8:43 PM

It's pleasant to observe "design thinking" being utilized in industries outside the typical sectors.

Don't you agree? :)

As shared here, design is also becoming prevalent within the financial industry.
Is this normal? What's happening?!

Calm down, most likely you've used "design thinking" in some shape or way that steers from the unconventional. And that is music to my ears!

Back to finance...There is a movement from transaction to relationship.
Let's face it, finance doesn't have the best reputation at the moment. So financial institutions are exploring ways to improve branding and most importantly find ways to achieve a competitive advantage.

That's where "design thinking" is playing a major role in disrupting traditional industries.

  • Invite you to watch this video. It's an excellent example of how the Australian banking business is getting creative. 
  • Yes, brainstorming sessions involving color pens, post-its, and ideas being exposed.
  • It's not about the numbers this time. It's about the customer journey. That goes beyond the bottom line.

Today, this phrase applies more than ever before: "Differentiated by design."   

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